The Neighbourhoods of Sunningdale

Sunningdale Court

Note: this aerial shot shows Sunningdale Road in the foreground and is looking South

Our "Sunningdale Court" development will be located on the south side of Sunningdale Road, between the Medway Valley and Wonderland Road, opposite Sunningdale Golf & Country Club. This development is bordered on three sides by the spectacular green space of the Medway Valley (with trail access to the Valley) and is sure to set a new standard of excellence!

The development of Sunningdale Court Phase 1 will commence in the Fall of 2021 with the construction of roads and related infrastructure such as sewers and water mains. It is anticipated that home construction starts on these 42 single family lots (shown in yellow on the plan below) will commence in August/September of 2022.

The timing of future phases of Sunningdale Court (approved lot fabric and road pattern depicted as “Future Phase” on the plan below) is dependent upon how quickly Phase 1 sells.  Based on existing market conditions we would anticipate the sale of Phase 2 lots could occur in 2023. However, the real estate and construction worlds are in a state of unusual flux due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic which makes accurate predictions difficult.

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All measurements are in metric units.
Please check with your builder for accurate measurements of both the lot and allowable home dimensions.